Product Name:
UA Dunk Low Union Passport Pack Argon,DJ9649-400
This shoe is UA Dunk, It is the top quality replica sneakers version on the market. 
Except UA dunk, UA Shoes also has UA Jordans, UA Yeezy, UA Air Force 1 and etc.
It is easy to select by different brands of shoes from UA Shoes or PK Shoes at the navigation, or by the color and etc, you can also enter your favorite Goat Shoes in the search box to search and select.

Product Details:
Style: DJ9649-400
Release Date: 04/02/2022

SERVICE,SIZE and Product detail photos as below.

About US
The replica sneakers from GoatShoes are produced by our top replica shoe factory. 
The UA version has the highest quality, but the output only accounts for 10% of the whole fake shoes market. In terms of details, our shoe lasts, shoe labels, materials, and accessories are all consistent with the genuine ones. Our commitment is to provide our global customer with a wide variety of high-quality, trendy fashion reps shoes and a first-class customer service experience at amazing factory direct prices.

Are replicas made in the same factory?
Speaking to state of counterfeit goods – those that utilize a trademark that is “identical with, or substantially indistinguishable from” a genuine registered trademark and that is used on the same class of goods as the registered mark, a famous entrepreneur elaborated, saying, “They are made in exactly the same factories, with exactly.

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